La La Land Kind Cafe – Lower Greenville, Dallas, TX

La La Land Kind Cafe – Lower Greenville, Dallas, TX

Since March, a quaint home turned into a business has been getting a ton of press, but not for its design: This business is a cafe that employs former foster kids who have aged out of the system and often have a hard time finding work. The owner is 23 years old, and he renovated a 100-year old house just off Greenville Ave and Bell, and turned it into a feel good, bright white walls, SUNNY business. With a front porch and sunny back patio – you can’t NOT enjoy yourself when you come in.


I’ve lived in Dallas my whole life, and I love the city life and modern feels that Dallas brings us. But it is hard to feel cozy in this busy town. I try to make my home as cozy as possible, so I can escape from the city feel all the time. La La Land has achieved that phenomenally. Adding to the coziness is the over-the-top friendly staff. They go above and beyond.

One thing I loved when I was here was looking at the employees. I briefly glanced over behind the counter, and saw them all fist bumping and laughing at 6:30 in the morning. You’re lucky to get a smile out of me when I go into the office first thing (RBF for the win) but they were all laughing and joking around and there was a true sense of camaraderie here.

If you know me at all, what do I love more than coffee? Dogs.

People. People. People. If everything else hasn’t convinced you to go check out this amazing business endeavor, then let this convince you.

They have an area for dogs. THEY WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND. A quaint little dog park for your furry bestie to chill and play with other dogs while you caffeinated and enjoy quality time with friends. It is secure and your dog won’t run out on Greenville with a dog park approved gate. I was already sold on this place but after seeing that – CALL ME A REGULAR.

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The coffee menu, which you can see below, has all the classics espresso, pour-overs, flat whites and nitro cold brew ” and creative coffee creations that are likely to be very popular among Lowest Greenville’s weekend leisure crowd. The Campfire Latte ($5.20) is made with toasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham cracker. A Buddha Latte ($4.70/$5.20) is made with cardamom, and I greatly enjoyed the Milk and Honey Latte ($4.70/5.20) this morning. A perfect start to my Tuesday morning, also making it AMAZING was the BeeGees were playing while I drank my Milk and Honey Latte (I know. I’m weird AF – but Stayin’ Alive in the morning while I have a meeting with a coworker is what kept me going people.)

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At the moment, the food menu is short and to the sweet but works out just fine. Everything is organic, and you can expect Urban Coffee Shop in 2019 standards like avocado toast ($7.20), and the aforementioned cookie that could easily give four people a sugar fix.

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Less than a block off Greenville and located basically in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s, it’s easy to see the type of crowd that’s in love with this place. With good coffee, trendy menu offerings like matcha and lavender latte and ample sunny seating, both indoor and outdoor, it’s poised to be a hit. The cafe’s mission and earnestness are just the avocado atop the rustic organic toast.

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